Strength and Conditioning

USC Upstate Strength and Conditioning Mission Statement

Our mission for the continuing development of the USC Upstate's Strength and Conditioning program follows the guidelines of the Administration for the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Programs set by National Professional Associations. USC Upstate Strength and Conditioning is highly committed to the development of student-athletes with the intention of maximizing their athletic potential while reducing their risk of injury through periodized step-by-step yearly loading plans that transcend all aspects of physiological development. From a psychological standpoint we strive to instill the concepts of teamwork, respect, dedication, mental toughness, and hard work through our training programs. By implementing these aspects, along with a functional sport-specific and individualized training program, we will provide our student-athletes the underlying structure required to perform at their optimal level of play.

Spartan Performance Center

Nutrition Statement

Nutrition is a vital part to the overall success of a student-athlete and an athletic program. In order for a student-athlete to reach their full performance potential, their nutritional program needs to be designed to support their training regimen and enhance their daily recovery. Many student-athletes put the majority of their attention on training and recovery, but only allow a small percentage of that attention to nutrition.

The following nutritional information has been designed to assist Spartan student-athletes on the basics of athletic nutrition. Timing, the type of food that is ingested, and the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat that is consumed throughout a day is important for restoring muscle fuel and allowing a student-athlete to fully recover prior to their next scheduled training program or competition.

The strength and conditioning program here at USC Upstate is committed to fully educating our student-athletes on the importance of proper nutrition and its effect on overall performance.